On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 11:48:04AM -0600, Jack J. Woehr wrote:
> Chris Bennett wrote:
> >Does anyone need a Power8?
> Chris, this is the hottest high-end server in the IBM universe today.
> It runs Linux, AIX and IBM i (OS/400). They are very widely in use deep under 
> many organizations.
> IBM is currently energetically supporting Open Source development (as their
> vendors are becoming disillusioned about industry growth).


> The Power8 *needs* OpenBSD because they don't have a really good firewalling 
> regimen at that level.

Yes, that's a definite need!

> At the z/OS level, they have world-class stuff, but not around the
> neighborhood of IBM i, which is actually selling better than z/OS these
> days.
> If you haunt the IBM world as I do, you'd realize that this could be a very
> big cash cow for OpenBSD supportniks if Mikael's idea flies.

Sounds very good.
I don't know IBM.
Energetically supporting Open Source does not always lead to (sadly)
"effectively" supporting Open Source. Linux !~ good security, but it's
becoming more and more "everywhere".

Do you think that the right-minded ( as in open-minded ) people are

Given OpenBSD's reputation, I'm actually surprised that this is even
difficult, especially with the amount of profit IBM sees.

And 6 months to even get to talk to the right person! Shame on IBM!

A question I still have, how hard is adding this architecture going to
be? From what you said and what I saw quickly looking on IBM's site,
does seem to be worth adding.

Mikael, no disrespect intended in my email at all. Sometimes I come
across too harsh than I intend to.

Chris Bennett

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