On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 18:28:58 -0500, Chris Bennett wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 10:51:56PM +0000, Ralph Siegler wrote:
>> On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 11:48:04 -0600, Jack J. Woehr wrote:
>> > Chris Bennett wrote:
>> >> Does anyone need a Power8?
>> > 
>> > Chris, this is the hottest high-end server in the IBM universe today.
>> > The Power8 *needs* OpenBSD because they don't have a really good
>> > firewalling regimen at that level.
>> > 
>> > 
>> Ya know, I actually admin some AIX Power8 boxes besides the Linux and
>> BSD at work, and put together the specs for two employer just purchased
>>  for G/L application
> Ah, someone with some Power8 boxes!
> OK, Power8 officially works with Linux.
> What does Linux bring to the table for these boxes?
> Useful applications or just showing up for the hell of it?
> Off-list, I have been informed that there ARE developers interested in
> this architecture.

Linux on Power8 provides a way to run certain  closed source softwares 
that are certified to run on  Linux on PowerPC. Of course, those 
softwares generally run even faster on AIX with less "loose ends" and 
bugs because they were specifically developed and tuned for a couple 
decades using bespoke tools before recent porting to Linux.  

Developers are interested in that architecture you say...yes I believe 
that.  I'm a photographer and am interested in a Hasselblad H5D-200c 
which the body alone goes for $45,000.  I can't afford one, let alone 
say  put a lens on it, have no earthly use that would  require 
one.....but dang if it isn't cool. 
> Below you suggest getting going with Power6 and 7, which are much
> cheaper to purchase.
> Would it be reasonable to look at this the other way around:
> Develop the Power8 architecture now so that when prices fall later,
> companies can then afford to buy them and immediately use a developed
> and tested OpenBSD on them?

Develop for architecture none of the userbase has or will have for five 
plus years?   Of course the BSD licensed open source drivers that IBM 
will provide for all that poop that flies by in the five minute POST time 
will make the job easier, and the megabytes of spec docs they've 
written...cause they wouldn't have the gall to  hand over BLOBs for 
hardware without full specs....

We'll have to make the BSD foundation thermometer taller for N devs times 
$170 month or more extra electric bill. 

> Chris Bennett
>> and openbsd is my favorite server OS
>> BUT
>> no one is going to buy box from product line that starts at $11,000
>> (non-
>> expandable entry level box) to run pf on 1 of its six cores.   That's
>> crazy talk.  And anu more usual power8 box is going to be $50K and up.
>> x86-64 would be much more cost effective for any app where OpenBSD
>> shines like web server, mail, dns, firewall, router, etc. and etc.
>> There is zero need, use or justification for openbsd on power8 in 2016.
>> People buy power8 because there is app that requires it or other Unix
>> with a (TM) after it.
>> For the low end expandable $26,000 each boxes, well at least a body
>> only need plug in two of the four 900W power supplies if only single
>> six-core cpu is installed,  can keep electric bill low that way. HA!
>> I especially like the comment about wanting openbsd port for power8
>> desktop or laptop....someone never lifted a power8 chip plus heat sink
>> I can tell
>> What would be *useful* is Power6 port that could optionally run on
>> later models, some good deals on ebay with power7 going for $3k and up)
>>    But IBM isn't going to help with that.

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