2016-10-19 12:59 GMT+08:00 Ralph Siegler <rsieg...@rsiegler.org>:

>  too expensive to have for development, too expensive to run, to
> expensive for a userbase while businesses waited for a mature version, no
> compelling use case in the open source world that couldn't be done with
> Xeon drawing half to a third the power.


At 2850 to 5300 USD for rack chassi+mobo+CPU, I think Power8 servers do
make sense - it seems like a great way to diversify from AMD64, while still
in a robust server architecture.

Oracle have been talking about making a low-end server model of their new
Sparc64 chip, I guess that one will sell at around 5000 USD too.

So then there's two alternative architectures to AMD64, great!

(I didn't see any convincing ARM64 servers on the market yet.)

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