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f...@speednet.com wrote:

>       I am getting "Broken Pipe" and or "Scheduler not responding"
>       when attempting to print from a laser desk printer directly 
>       attached to usb.
>       OpenBSD 6.0 recognizes the printer in dmesg and when plugged
>       into the usb port.
>       I have been running OpenBSD for several years but never tried
>       to attach a printer.

Did you try to read and
follow /usr/local/share/doc/pkg-readmes/cups-2.1.4 ?

>       I also have downloaded a cups ppd driver for the printer and
>       placed it in the cups ppd directory.
>       If someone can just point me where to research these errors
>       I should be able to determine the cause and maybe get the
>       brother HL2140 directly attached usb  printer working.
>       I see no error messages in dmesg which relate to printing.
>       Thanks in advance.

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