First of all, hopefully I managed to send this email to the correct list :)
I am pretty new to OpenBSD but so far I managed to get everything
working for a router without IPv6 OSPF.
I have ospfd and ospf6d running but I did not figure out how to check
against ospf6d with ospfctl.
I tried:
# ospfctl -s /var/run/ospf6d.sock show neighbor
ID              Pri State        DeadTime Address         Iface     Uptime

But all I get is that line and after it waits and no more output. So
the command does not return, gets stuck. I am able to cancel with ctrl
+ c though.
When issuing the command against ospfd.sock it works just fine.
Thing is that I see the neighbor connected through OSPF on my other routers.
And when starting it with: ospf6d -vd -f /etc/ospf6d.conf, the service
runs fine and I see from output that it looks ok. Nothing strange..

Maybe I am trying to access it wrong with ospfctl?
Not sure where to go from here so any suggestion would be of great help.

Thank you.

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