Hi Thomas,

I used to work for Cumulus and the tricky part with this is that you need to 
get access to the broadcom (and melanox) shipsets, which is not trivial and 

I would love to see a BSD running on open networking equipment!

There are more NOS out there but they have their own speciality. Cumulus is the 
most generic to the deploy. There is also BigSwitch and IP Fusion. 


> On 17 Jul 2017, at 11:00, miraculli . <miracu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi misc,
> I just read about a trending topic: SDN and Open Networking.
> The principal idea behind Open Networking is to allow the customer
> to install a custom OS to switch-hardware.
> The main software player in this business seems to be a penguin OS
> called: Cumulus
> There is also a overview of devices that are able install a custom OS:
> https://cumulusnetworks.com/products/hardware-compatibility-list/
> Is there any experience using OpenBSD in this domain and with this
> kind of hardware?
> Thanks
> Thomas

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