On 20/07/17 18:48, Consus wrote:
On 07:08 Thu 20 Jul, Kai Wetlesen wrote:
Because it's a nice way to apply configuration changes made to
/etc/sysctl.conf without restarting the whole server?
Systemctl doesn't offer hot reload unless the controlled daemon offers
the capability in the first place. The only thing systemd does is hits
the controlling process on the head with a known conf-reload signal or
(gasp) a DBus control statement. Both of these can be done just as
well with an rc script, and without restarting the service.
What systemd has to do with anything? We are talking about sysctl(8) and

Guys, it's easy to emulate sysctl -p with a simple 4 line (maybe less) script.

In advance, /etc/rc already does that.


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