I've just uploaded a version of OpenSSL to unstable that disables
the TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocol. This currently leaves TLS 1.2 as the
only supported SSL/TLS protocol version.

This will likely break certain things that for whatever reason
still don't support TLS 1.2. I strongly suggest that if it's not
supported that you add support for it, or get the other side to
add support for it.

OpenSSL made a release 5 years ago that supported TLS 1.2. The
current support of the server side seems to be around 90%. I hope
that by the time Buster releases the support for TLS 1.2 will be
high enough that I don't need to enable them again.


AFAIK LibreSSL still supports TLS 1.0; 1.1. 

When will these two old versions be removed? Or still to much stuff uses them? 


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