Hello Tom,

I am not an expert user of OpenBSD but I want to tell you the FAQ is
the first step. That is maintained by Nick Holland, an OpenBSD user an
a man with great experince on the field. You may think that FAQ is
redundant for man, or even that man paragraphs are simply copied into
the FAQ, but this is not the case!
Nick Holland took great care into selecting the scenarios and walk you
thru OpenBSD installation and configuration with great care and
warnings. He did a nice structure with hyperlink and man pages in
order to prepare you for basic steps. You can even extrapolate and do
your own custom configurations.

If you still need details, there are a few books there written by OpenBSD users.

One can get a simple idea about how things are put together by reading
that FAQ. If you will try to use HOWTOs, there will be a time when
people will cripple an OpenBSD installation and there is nothing to be
done in time.

Creating another parallel documentation is a fancy activity, but
mostly a waste of time. Think at one thing: over time, changes are
done to the system and the documentation you've created must be
modified. Even worse, think that old documentation is at hand and some
user will try to use it on a new system. There are also many
implication much better detailed on the lists by well trained people.
Many tanks to them, too.

Thank you for listening.

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