On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 01:10:22PM -0400, tec...@protonmail.com wrote:
> I had this exact issue a few days ago, I just re-partitioned to a
> bigger size so not have to face the issue again as was a new install
> anyway. But, sure would be nice to see this added. Thanks
> > From: marko.cu...@mimar.rs
> > - at the moment of writing this, there are 025 patches. If applying
> > them all at once, they (perhaps needlessly) need quite some space
> > in /tmp (my mfs for /tmp is 256m, and it got filled already at 012),
> > as a result of (I guess) deleting /tmp/syspatch.XXXXXXXXXX only
> > after all the patches are applied, or after /tmp gets filled up.
> > Perhaps it is possible to flush /tmp earlier in the process (maybe
> > after each patch is applied successfully)?

Have you tried with -current? Here is a change from June that might be
what you're looking for:

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