> it's not clear what you're really trying to do. if you want the files for a
> release, cvs co -r that release.
I want to fill https://openbsd.org/plus61.html
Thus I need to obtain all commit messages for commits done between 6.0 release 
and 6.1 release. 
But cvs2cl just spits out all commits done in every branch without marking them 
with tags they are assigned to. 
So I can't see if a commit was done before or after 6.0 release, or if it is a 
part of the -STABLE branch for the 6.0 release, 
or whatever else there is going on in the source tree. 

Even just getting info on the points (commit IDs) where the code was frozen for 
the release would be very useful. But I failed 
to find it in mail archives. 

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