Dear Sirs,

At about every second shutdown I get at the end the message:

reorder_kernel: kernel relinking failed; see /usr/share/compile/GENERIC.MP/

The contents of last file is at the end of this Email.

It is a just installed OpenBSD 6.2 (no upgrade). What does this
error mean?


(SHA256) /bsd: OK
LD="ld" sh 0xcccccccc
ld -T ld.script -X --warn-common -nopie -o newbsd ${SYSTEM_HEAD} vers.o ${OBJS}
text    data    bss     dec     hex
8222884 2448464 1093632 11764980        b384f4
mv newbsd newbsd.gdb
ctfstrip -S -o newbsd newbsd.gdb
mv -f newbsd bsd
cmp -s bsd /bsd || ln -f /bsd /obsd
umask 077 && cp bsd /nbsd && mv /nbsd /bsd &&  sha256 -h /var/db/kernel.SHA256 

Kernel has been relinked and is active on next reboot.

SHA256 (/bsd) = 9426f77b6d313f8f5e07ab1d1fc9bde9ef3975ac5b64ed9540cbd3fda9091884

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