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> >> >> This should be a fundamental and trivial usecase to OpenBSD, however,
> >> >> last time I tried (then with adding a "boot" command to boot.conf per
> >> >> http://man.openbsd.org/boot.conf ), I think it not worked out of the
> >> >> box.
> >> >
> >> > It might not be very appealing but afaict the only trivial way to do
> >> > this is to place root on the USB stick or some other device, and other
> >> > filesystems on NVME.
> Just curious, why is it so difficult to get going, why does not any
> boot.conf command specify to the kernel what root disk to use, so this way
> you could locate the kernel to a USB memory stick and then boot the
> remainder of the system from the device that the kernel but not the BIOS
> can access?

boot> boot bsd -a
With a specification of where you will find bsd, but using -a to specify
root location late after you have the kernel.

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