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> On 02/08/2018 08:58 AM, Stephane HUC "CIOTBSD" wrote:
> > install package gvfs if X, to use with xfce or gnome...
> Unfortunately, this is an "X-less", non-graphic "portal",
> the only computer open to the world, and only via ssh,
> on a LAN full of Linux and Windows computers that are
> samba servers. The off-site user is allowed only the
> ability to shuffle files between local computers in
> an ssh shell session.

cd /usr/ports; make search key=smb

yields among other things

Port:   usmb-20130204p4
Path:   sysutils/usmb
Info:   mount SMB shares from userland via FUSE
Maint:  The OpenBSD ports mailing-list <po...@openbsd.org>
Index:  sysutils
L-deps: STEM->=0.10.38:devel/gettext converters/libiconv devel/glib2 net/samba 
B-deps: STEM->=0.10.38:devel/gettext devel/gettext-tools devel/gmake 
R-deps: STEM->=0.10.38:devel/gettext
Archs:  any

which might fit the scenario.

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