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there's a 2016-11 thread that's related:
"swap on encrypted softraid, performance penalty"



t1...@protonmail.ch (Tinker), 2018.02.08 (Thu) 19:49 (CET):
> Hi misc@,
> I looked through previous discussions on whether a SWAP partition
> should be inside or outside the RAID partition when making a crypto
> softraid.
> The only argument I stumbled into was that it should be outside because
> swap is encrypted anyhow and it would be unnecessary to double-encrypt
> the swap.
> That seems like a weak argument to me, because swap is generally used
> rarely and so speed does not really matter anyhow, and, the swap
> partition is always used also as dump partition, and dumps are *not*
> encrypted.
> For the case that a dump would happen, you want the OS to encrypt it
> and the way to do that is to put the SWAP *inside* the RAID.
> Maybe a crash-dump can be induced somehow. Maybe someone would get hold
> of the HDD while the dump data is still on the swap partition because
> the OS has not booted again, which would otherwise normally migrate
> that dump data over to the filesystem.
> This is an extreme consideration though as a comprehensive motivation
> for a choice it appears to me to make all sense.
> Thoughts, comments?
> I would probably interpret no comments as that the SWAP should indeed
> be located inside the RAID for this said reason.
> Thanks,
> Tinker

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