I've installed:


in an ultra-light (think Lubuntu on Atkins & amphetimines) Ubuntu 16.04.

I guess I'm just a dumb Ubuntard, despite my Intertel membership, but I can't 
for the life of me figure out how to cryptographically verify the legitimacy of 
install62.iso with SHA256.sig. The hash matches the sig file, but how to verify 
the sig file? Or even if it is possible in principle. The manual is clear as 

To keep it neat, let's say both files are in /data/bsd-stuff, so we have:

EXACTLY what commands (my default interpreter is bash, but I can use tcsh or 
whatever) do I need? Or is this a chicken/egg thing where I have to have 
openbsd installed before I can verify an openbsd iso, which I have to have to 
install openbsd?

This may be way superior to gpg, but I'd wager 10 to 1 that the net effect of 
disdaining the standard gpg route completely (which could be available, with a 
stern warning, IN ADDITION) is that half the people who install this don't do 
any cryptographic verification at all.

Because if we allow the Constitution to become a "literary fiction" future 
generations will rightfully view us with contempt as shallow, posing slackers, 
this is:

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