On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 14:42:53 +0100

> Did anyone use httpd to serve a flask app (python)?
> I found this [1], but its a little outdated (python < 3) and makes me
> wonder about safety, because of all those dependencies copied in
> chroot.
> Any advice ?

It seems python requires RWX mem by default. Ridiculous considering it
is a relatively new tool. Relegates it to, avoid for anything important
for me.

If you still wish to use it, you will likely need to add the wxallowed
mount option to the partition your chroot is on these days. Otherwise
you will see messages about the kernel killing it in /var/log/messages

There was a recent discussion about a non wrx port, not sure what
that would break or not or maybe just affect performance.

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