I just made a quick test using the same browser (to not to complicate things 
with wget) firefox (almost the same versions, the ESR release line). Used the 
mirror: https://ftp2.eu.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/6.2/amd64/
Started to download the file: install62.fs (360MB)
In OpenBSD when the download starts: 11 minutes (remaining), download rate: 
fluctuating between 450-480 KB/sec, sometimes drops to 320-350 KB/sec, and the 
remaining time increases to 14 minutes. I wrote here the units (minutes, KB, 
sec) exactly as appears in the firefox download window.
In Windows using the same mirror and the same file, on the other hand the 
starting download rate is between 1300-1400 KB/sec, and so of course the 
download time is 2-3 minutes.
Just for more info, and to be more precise with the tests I used wget too in 
OpenBSD. Her is the output of wget after the downloading was started for about 
10 seconds:

$ wget https://ftp2.eu.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/6.2/amd64/install62.fs 
--2018-02-14 00:39:01--  
Resolving ftp2.eu.openbsd.org (ftp2.eu.openbsd.org)...
Connecting to ftp2.eu.openbsd.org (ftp2.eu.openbsd.org)||:443... 
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 377978880 (360M)
Saving to: 'install62.fs'

install62.fs                  1%[                                               
           ]   6.63M   648KB/s    eta 9m 16s ^C

It is interesting to observe that with wget the download speed is a little bit 
higher, but far to be as high as in Windows.

So if you have any idea, any new testing method, please tell me, I will try. 
But after all those tests as I mentioned above, I really think is an issue with 
the OpenBSD wifi (I'm not a specialist so I can not tell if it is a firmware 
issue, or default configuration issue, but I think it is.) To be honest my 
humbling opinion is that it is a firmware issue, Because I saw once in the 
system message buffer a wpi firmware error (I already mentioned this in an 
earlier message in the same thread, so you can look around, or if you want I 
could find it for you and show it).
And to answer your question more directly as you can see the programs that I 
used to test the speed always used KB/s (in case of wget), or KB/sec (in case 
of firefox). So it is absolutely excluded the term of bits.


> There is a bit of information that I am missing. You mentioned that the
> throughput on your Amilo, with OpenBSD, is 240KB/s whereas "other OS"
> (SiC) is able to get a throughput of 1.4MB/s.

> What application are you using to measure the performance? And this is
> not meant as an insult, but could it be that whatever you are using on
> OpenBSD shows the speed in KByte/s, whereas "other OS" shows it in
> Mbit/s?

> Second, this might seem unrelated, could you list your fstab? I would
> like to know whether to applied the 'noatime,softdep' options :-)

> Regards
> -J.

On Mon, 2018-02-12 at 22:24 +0000, Zsolt Kantor wrote:
> I've tried different channels and also different modes, I even
> replaced the 6.2 firmware with the snapshot (the snapshot version is
> a little bit bigger in size) hoping that it will work better. To be
> sure with the configuration I used the same channel and mode with
> which in other OS (Windows) is working well. So now I'm even more
> close to the idea that it is a bug in the firmware. If somebody can
> guaranty that it is not from the firmware than it should be a
> configuration issue, but as I stated before I have not touched
> anything related to network configuration, I just made a fresh
> install and the basic config to set up xfce, that's all.
> Probably I will fill out a bug report.
> Thanks for the support, If you have some other ideas please let me
> know. 

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