So far I have been unable to start X with a new OpenBSD install on my
laptop. I am a complete beginner to OpenBSD. I did manage to get to the
desktop environment in a virtualbox vm. I tried both the default fvwm and
gnome, with both xenodm and gdm. This all worked fine, albeit very slow on
non accelerated vm graphics. However, on my N130WU laptop the screen goes
black right after the boot up messages. This is a kaby lake refresh laptop
with intel 620 UHD graphics. At first, the console shows with underscan,
then the resolution changes to the native one, and finally it goes black. I
was still able to connect through SSH while the laptop was in this state
and get the Xorg.0.log. The log told me to add machdep.allowaperture=1 to
/etc/sysctl.conf which I did, but the screen went black again after I
rebooted. From the new Xorg.0.log I can not understand what went wrong this
time. Here are the new Xorg.0.log and dmesg output.


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