On 02/22/18 19:44, leroy jordan wrote:
Sure, here it is.

listen on lo0
listen on egress port 25 tls pki mail.example.com <http://mail.example.com> listen on egress port 587 tls-require pki mail.example.com <http://mail.example.com> auth <passwd>

accept for local alias <aliases> deliver to mbox
accept from local for any relay

pki mail.example.com.crt certificate "/etc/ssl/mail.example.com.crt"
pki mail.example.com.key key "/etc/ssl/private/mail.example.com.key"

Do the above files exist?

table aliases file:/etc/mail/aliases

table domains file:/etc/mail/domains

table passwd file:/etc/mail/passwd

table viruals file:/etc/mail/viruals

accept from local for local alias <aliases> deliver to lmtp "/var/dovecot/lmtp" rcpt-to

accept from any for domain <domains> virtual <virtuals> deliver to lmtp "/var/dovecot/lmtp" rcpt-to

accept from local for any relay
Thanks for the help Leroy Jordan

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    Please provide your smtpd.conf.
    On Feb 22, 2018 6:51 PM, leroy jordan <leroy.j.jor...@gmail.com
    <mailto:leroy.j.jor...@gmail.com>> wrote:
    > hello all,
    > I'm trying to set up my email.conf. So I can send my Dmessage +
    log files.
    > I don't know the way to attach the log files so I can send via
    my Gmail
    > account. I've used this as
    <https://www.opensmtpd.org/faq/example1.html> a
    > point of reference.  However,  when I try to start smtpd I get
    an error
    > message saying that pki name not found: mail.example.com
    > So asking a two-part question?  I'm kind of confused as it says
    when I
    > update my alias run newaliases.  Output message pki name not found:
    > mail.example.com <http://mail.example.com>.
    > Thinks Leroy Jordan

You probably just need something similar to:

# cat /etc/mail/smtpd.conf

table aliases file:/etc/mail/aliases
table secrets file:/etc/mail/secrets

listen on lo0
accept from local for any relay via tls+auth://"label"@"gmail.com:587" auth <secrets>

replace "label" with a label of your choosing and "gmail.com:587" with gmail's actual submission address:port combo. The <secrets> file should look something like:

label u...@gmail.com:password

I don't recall the specific permissions requirements for the secrets file, but you don't want it to be world readable for sure. As your password will be plaintext. As far as attaching goes it depends on your MUA. However, with this setup you should be able to just use sendbug(1).

sendbug will envoke sendmail aka smtpctl and then submit it your local smtpd who will then relay it via gmail.

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