Hi Leroy,

I recommend you to read and study at least:
- https://www.openbsd.org/faq/ - Everything, from top to bottom.
- DNS & Bind - To get a good understanding of Internet and how things work
in general.
- Some network and TCP/IP specific books**
- Absolute OpenBSD
- The Book of PF

**For me that was TCP/IP Illustrated, Internetworking with TCP/IP Series...
For firewall concepts and architecture a very good book at the time (2003)
was Linux Firewalls 2nd Edition - New Riders.
It's an old book, and it's not OpenBSD related, but I give it to you just
as an example, it was my starting point, and a very good one, besides, it's
good to know something about different systems, this way you can build a
good and solid base of knowledge.

Another aspect of OpenBSD you'll soon discover is the quality of
documentation, especially man pages, they are really useful, different from
other systems, OpenBSD man pages give you examples and good descriptions,
it's possible to configure and understand something you've never done
before just by reading the man pages.

That's it, I hope it helps on your journey.

Fabio Almeida

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 6:36 PM, leroy jordan <leroy.j.jor...@gmail.com>

> I'm new to oBSD. However, I do wont to learn so i can contribute. The
> skills; that I have so far has came from the books that are suggested from
> the Open website. Which are useful in getting me started. but  they don't
> have all the answers and when I post o misc no one seems to reply I know
> this is not kindergarten. you're not going to hold my hand however how will
> I ever learn.
> If no one reaches out I use the emails as a teaching tool so you can bash
> me all you want but I'm not going to give up I'm all in.
>  maybe I'm just ranting.
> Thanks Leroy Jordan

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