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 thanks Leroy Jordan

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On 2018/02/23 15:32, leroy jordan wrote:
>  can you be more pacific on the fdm what does it stand for. so when I go
to pkg_add I can then
> read the Man page please.

$ pkg_info fdm
Information for inst:fdm-1.9p0

fetch, filter and deliver mail

fdm is a simple, lightweight replacement for mail fetch, filter and
delivery programs such as fetchmail and procmail. It can fetch using
POP3 or IMAP (with SSL) or from stdin, and deliver to a pipe, file,
maildir, mbox or SMTP server, based on regexps.

Maintainer: Nicholas Marriott <>

$ pkg_info -f fdm | grep -e man/ -e bin/
@bin bin/fdm
@man man/man1/fdm.1
@man man/man5/fdm.conf.5

The fdm(1) manpage is reasonably simple, but fdm.conf(5) is a bit more
complicated, if you'd like a nicer-formatted one for printing you can do:

$ man -T pdf fdm.conf > /tmp/fdm.conf.pdf

Or view it directly if you have mupdf installed:

$ MANPAGER=mupdf man -T pdf fdm.conf

If you like this way of viewing a manpage and think you might use it
often, you might like a shell alias which you could add to your .profile:

$ alias pdfman="MANPAGER=mupdf man -T pdf"
$ pdfman fdm.conf

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