> No such team exists.  the tool used is irrelevant

Well, we have that tool today: it is a mailing list.

Also, we have a team which triages bugs on there: the developers.

Is it perfect?  No.

Do things slip through the cracks?  Sure.  Because not enough people
triage.  Not enough developers.

Would a system which tracks the things which slip through the cracks
help?  No.  A mailing list archive makes it obvious that things
slipped through the cracks, but it also makes it obvious there is one
reason only why that is the case:  THE VOLUME IS TOO HIGH.

Organization is only one piece of the puzzle.  The data won't organize
itself.  The missing piece is "Organizers", who triage.  There are no
new GROUPS of people being offered to do this work.

One person can't do it.  Yet organizing people together to help us is
hard, that's for sure.  Impossible I'd say.

Would it be awesome to have a gigantic pile of shitty things
collecting in some web gui that none of us look at?  No.  Yet that is
what other project have.

It has to be cleaned up by someone who does traige.  Some projects
have companies associated who pay people to do it.  Other projects
let it build up, and when the quality gets to messy, it gets ignored.
OpenBSD was there before: Since it was being ignored I took the approach
that helped our developers have a better experience: I deleted the bug
tracker, and our source tree was better off for it.

Creating a portal where developers can do that is a waste of time.
They won't do the triage you expect them to.

I triage bugs by hitting 'd' in my mail reader.  That includes ones
I assume someone else will look at.  It includes ones I just fixed.
It includes ones from previous releases.  It includes ones I can't
look at now because I have other things going on.

And tough shit, that's the way it is.  I have no additional cycles to
handle yet-another interface to the bug reports people submit.  None
of the developers have additional cycles.  Creating a new interface,
which will be full of crap because *noone is offering additional
triage services*, won't help.

triage/tracking is only a small piece of the process of making OpenBSD
a good operating system.

So I believe we might as well stay with what we have.

This is a volunteer open source project.  That does not mean just
anyone can walk on in and volunteer the addition of a "new process"
and expect such an addition will work within our processes.

OpenBSD as a development process works.  This thread is full of people
who assume that what they see working in other places will work here.

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