Hi all,

For once, I thought I'd go for a fresh install and copy as few configs
as possible from my old backups.  Once my machine was up and running,
I was a bit confused as I didn't remember OpenBSD being this slow and
watching top I noticed programs like firefox was using about 20% CPU
even if I only had a blank page opened.

Took me a while to figure out what was wrong.  Apparantly, apmd isn't
started by default and for some reason, hw.setperf seems to default to
zero.  The output of apm read:

Performance adjustment mode: manual (800 MHz)

Meaning the machine won't ever adjust the performance and it's stuck at
a whooping 800Mhz. ;-)

I also had a chat with abieber@ and it seems he had the same "issue".
So, as the subject says, did OpenBSD go green with 6.3, or has it always
been like this and I've always started apmd right after the installation
was complete?

Jesper Wallin

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