Kristaps Dzonsons <> wrote:

> The only reason I suggest a standalone section is that it's easier to
> standardise across manpages.

I do not see a way to do this in libc.  So standardise isn't really
required.  You are talking about doing this in a port library, not a
base library.

I don't know how we would do this in a base library, without being
overly specific and screwing ourselves in the future somehow.  It feels
too early to give pledge a formal specification.

> How about .Sh RESOURCES?  This would also fit other systems like
> Capsicum.  Though in practice, I think we'll find only pledge documented
> there.

You really think you'll find common ground??  I'm extremely sceptical.
The underlying concepts couldn't be different.  pledge disables "grouped
actions" taken against objects, whereas capsicum reduces ability to gain
new objects but generally leaves all style of actions intact.  A pledge
context can be described in 2-3 words, but capsicum is a heavy
environment one cannot describe so easily.

Also, don't want capsicum or any other non-OpenBSD described in OpenBSD
manual pages.  What you do in your own pages is your own concern, but
then premature standardization doesn't matter.

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