Patrick Marchand <> wrote:

> On 04/08, Patrick Marchand wrote:
> > Compilation succeeds on the april 8 snapshot
> Though now I'm getting Abort Trap whenever I try to run the plumber or
> acme. I was able to compile some programs with mk though, as I compiled
> both $PLAN9/src/cmd/upas and $PLAN9/src/cmd/upas/nfs. I've joined the
> dmesg of the current system.

>From your mail:

trap pid 4946 tid 8385 type 6: sp 10581fac3000 not inside 
trap pid 1024 tid 121465 type 6: sp 1e5a10690248 not inside 

At the moment snapshots contain the MAP_STACK diff.  Your program is
setting up threads incorrectly (it has it's own thread library?),
resulting in stacks not being mapped with MAP_STACK.  Stacks must be
carefully setup now.  ktrace -di may expose the memory allocation which
setup an address corresponding to a crash, basically a mmap with MAP_STACK
will be missing.

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