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> On Sun, 08 Apr 2018 at 12:19:01 -0400, Michael Price wrote:
> >I am unwise in the ways of serial port pci cards. Should I be avoiding any
> >particular brands? Any pointers to more information would be appreciated.  
> The puc(4) man page has a lot of brands and models that are 
> supported.

Hi Michael,

Yes, you should be avoiding the no brand generic black mask no name PCI
boards with 2 and 4 port RS232 interfaces from ebay, these do NOT work:

vendor "TXIC", unknown product 0x3473 (class communications subclass serial, 
rev 0x10) at pci4 dev 6 function 0 not configured

This may change in the future, but I am not holding my hopes high here.
I feel cheated every time I order something from some Asian PCB factory
trash bin appearing on many tolerated "stores" of scam sites like ebay.

This post has no purpose other than warn about low cost trashy products
that buyers have not matched against confirmed hardware in manual pages
vendor and product IDs in the source code of the OS and "use this" tip.

I have had much better luck with hardware listing the model chip-set in
the description on ebay, thought this one not having it is a small risk
but the result is dissatisfaction, obviously these are binned products.

I can tell you more about the chip and build quality of this particular
one if I pop the card out of its PCI slot where it wastes power waiting
for an OpenBSD driver (or its model listed in a similar existing one)..

Now thank you for raising the question, I'll be reading all replies and
the puc(4) manual page to find a PCI card again, in the low cost range.

Kind regards,
Anton Lazarov

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