You have very much done something wrong if your 2011 can't handle 2 megabit. I 
suggest you seek out a more Mikrotik-specific group for assistance. 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 

Midwest Internet Exchange 

The Brothers WISP 

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> As much as I’d rather not point the blame I found the APU platform buggy when 
> running OpenBSD. 
> Yes there are reports of stability with other O.S however subtle 
> hardware/firmware bugs appeared on several OpenBSD releases. 
> I’m actually in the other boat when it comes to hardware stability being an 
> excuse however openbsd'd excellent embedded footprint does well at disclosing 
> subtle hardware issues. 
> I’m currently running a MikroTik 2011UiAS that is built on A mips processor. 
> Quite honestly I’ve found the secret of stability on the network hardware 
> arena to be distinct/discrete hardware. 

I'm currently routing with MikroTik 2011L and I'm not satisfied at all. I do 
have just 2 Mbit ADSL and when I tried to limit bandwith of teenagers to 
512kbps I've basically put 
the board down to knees. E.g. it was running, but ping (from me!) went up to 
several seconds and whole internet was more dead then with teenagers 
downloading their stuff. 
This all with up-to-date RouterOS 6.40.6 from Feb 20 2018 to patch latest 
vulnerabilities in it. 

So as you have migrated from APU to MikroTik, I plan to do exactly reverse 
direction as soon as possible with OBSD on top of APU of course... 

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