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> Howdy...
> Daylight savings time sucks...  :/...
>  Is there a way to Reference UTC and then do  the calculating
> n and then convert to local time zone if  you are worried about
> calculating yesterday on the edge case of the 2 hrs a year
> that this would make an impact...

What...why...why are you making this harder than it has to be?

mktime/localtime let you perform calculations based on time broken down
into years/months/days/etc.  "Yesterday" is a calculation based on days, so
do it in that form.  Those APIs exist to let you do that!  That's what the
solution I provided in my original reply does!

> as a side issue would  avoiding running this particular job
> between 11PM and 1am  prevent the edge case from having
> an impact

So you know how to do the Right Thing, but you're going to instead leave a
bug for you or your successor to hit months or years away?  Please do not
do that on any system that others might depend on.

Philip Guenther

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