I have a Kettop box with J1900 cpu which is proving a bit of a pain. I have very limited time (and knowledge) to spend on this but ...

It worked fine with 6.1 i386 (amd64 has been flaky at best with 6.1 and 6.2, I haven't tried 6.3). With 6.2 although bsd.rd was fine to do a fresh install, booting with the installed kernel failed.

Eventually after much reading of mailing lists I realised it was the inteldrm driver and discovered "config -ef /bsd". This fix didn't survive a reboot though and after more time and reading, I worked out what bsd.booted was and the effect KARL was having.

Next step was to disable KARL. This doesn't seem to weaken my security to me as the only time the box is rebooted is after an upgrade to a new version or with syspatch and it's easy enough to relink once and then disable it again. Then I spotted that syspatch doesn't actually update the installed kernel if KARL is disabled. That was easy enough to work round with a trivial script.

Finally my question - have I understood what's going on and is this all intended? I couldn't find anything documented (reading the source is beyond me I'm afraid) about these interactions.

I suspect the "right" way to deal with my problem would be to compile my own kernel but I am trying to avoid having to do this. I couldn't find any other way to disable a driver on boot.

By the time I had enough idea what was going on to think about filing a bug 6.3 was getting close and I had read messages (can't remember if on misc or bugs) that said that inteldrm had been fixed. If it would help I can open or add to a bug.


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