Hi, I've been looking for more then one year to get something similar until I found this:


I already got and tested it and it work fine.

On 08/04/18 00:59, Anatoli wrote:
Hi All!

I'm looking for a modest 4-5 ports router under $150 that works well with OpenBSD. I don't need WiFi, USB or console port, and the throughput don't need to exceed 100Mbps. The ideal device would be EdgeRouter X (compact, 5 ports, $50) but I know it's not supported at this moment and probably never will be.

EdgeRouter (ER) Lite only has 3 ports and the switch ports (eth2-4) of ERPOE-5 are not yet supported.

ER-4 would be great, but the 4th port is SFP, I'd need to by an SFP NIC for one of my devices and I'm not sure it's supported as the octeon page says ER PRO SFP ports are not supported yet. Also it's a bit expensive ($190).

Banana Pi R2 would be great too, but I couldn't find if it's supported by OpenBSD (it has MediaTek MT7623N, Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7).

Are there 4-5 port devices that are known to work well with OpenBSD?



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