Op Thu, 12 Apr 2018 14:28:14 +0200 schreef Nick Holland <n...@holland-consulting.net>:
Another "failure mode" of VirtualBox people should be aware of:
I understand through good sources, Oracle monitors the IP addresses that
it's downloaded from, and if they can trace it back to a commercial IP
(i.e., not a home address), and if they see you download (or update) the
"not for unrestricted free use" parts, their lawyers will contact you
and send you a bill...and they really don't care about "for work" or
"not for work related" uses.

I suppose this only works if you have your own netblock. Otherwise they cannot know the legal entity behind an IP-address. Except in totalitarian states I guess.

I'd really recommend removing this product from your computers.

By which you mean the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack, presumably.

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