While looking for something else entirely in my webserver logs I notice
that there are several hosts that try to fetch the hourly traplist dumps
https://www.bsdly.net/~peter/bsdly.net.traplist but via http and ignore
the redirect to https.

Both sites (https://www.bsdly.net/~peter/bsdly.net.traplist and the
slightly better connected
https://home.nuug.no/~peter/bsdly.net.traplist) now force https, so if
you are running some kind of out of date fetching setup, please update
to something modern.

I also notice that there are fetches from other operating systems, but
hopefully anyone interested in OpenBSD spamd(8) will check here

All the best,
Peter N. M. Hansteen, member of the first RFC 1149 implementation team
http://bsdly.blogspot.com/ http://www.bsdly.net/ http://www.nuug.no/
"Remember to set the evil bit on all malicious network traffic"
delilah spamd[29949]: disconnected after 42673 seconds.

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