6.2 AMD64, firefox 58.

If firefox crashes (which happens rarely) sometimes I find it does not
start back up again. It seems to become a zombie or something. It
starts then goes directly to suspend. Why? Any work around known?

I suspect it has something to do with dbus waiting for something or
firefox waiting for something from dbus.

I have found killing my multiple attempts at starting firefox
eventually produces a dialogue window saying "firefox is already
running but not responding." Well... Then when I kill the process that
started the dialogue window it firefox finally starts.

But this behaviour is strange and the solution would not be intuitive
to many less technical users (e.g. if one was using OpenBSD + Firefox
as a platform for a thinclient / web browser + think client based
application). Maybe firefox eventually starts on its own (after 5
minutes) but I have never had the patience to wait around to try
that...in any case that would be unacceptable for a general user.

Does any one else experience this?

Is there any solution / work around?


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