On April 16, 2018 9:05 AM, Stuart Henderson <s...@spacehopper.org> wrote:

> There is not, but the main place this is needed is for setting the
> "from" address for outgoing packets. isakmpd uses the "default" address
> for this, which is often wrong on a multihomed system so it's necessary
> to bind to a particular address to fix this. iked (at least in the
> last few releases) uses the address from "local" in the config instead,
> so binding isn't needed in most cases.

I see, so as long as I use the "local" parameter in iked.conf with the local IP 
address which I use for my site-2-site VPN I am saying to iked to listen only 
on that IP address. Here would be my generic example for a site-2-site VPN 
between two OpenBSD firewalls:

ikev2 passive esp \
from $local_network to $remote_network local $local_ip peer $remote_ip \
srcid $local_ip

I was also wondering in the case of a site-2-site VPN should one side be in 
active mode and the other one in passive mode? or what is usually used for 
site-2-site VPN?

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