On April 16, 2018 4:07 PM, Stuart Henderson <s...@spacehopper.org> wrote:
> On 2018-04-16, Tinker t1...@protonmail.ch wrote:
> > When in "disklabel -E" for instance in the OS installer, being able to
> > specify that I want the partition offsets to be multiples of 2048 would
> > be useful.
> > 
> > Right now, when in "a" (add partition), i transcribe the suggested
> > offset to another computer, on the other computer calculate its value
> > rounded up to the next 2048 multiple, and then transcribe it back to
> > the computer with the OpenBSD installer.
> > 
> > It's fine as it is, all that's needed is a paper, a pen, and attention.
> > 
> > Just wanted to check if when reading through
> > http://man.openbsd.org/disklabel.8 I missed something, or, if it's not
> > there if anyone more knowledgeable than me would think it would be a
> > useful option.
> You didn't miss anything, the only way to do this at the moment is by
> hand (I start at 2048 for the 'a' partition then just make sure the size
> is a multiple of 2048, then the offset takes care of itself).
> I don't see much value to making it optional, doing this as standard
> is a sane default for most systems.

Is your point that disklabel(8)'s multiple should be increased to 2048?

(What I had on my mind when I wrote the email would be a command
"* 2048" or similar, that would instruct disklabel what multiple i like
the offset suggestions to autoalign to. I guess 2048 would be the very
sanest default multiple also yes.)


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