This is "kern" facility.

# touch  /var/log/dmesg

And then add
"kern.* /var/log/dmesg" to your "syslog.conf".
Restart syslog and anything printed by kernel will go to /var/log/dmesg

But note that when booting, kernel does not have access to syslog, so it
stores messages in its internal buffer (which you can read by ``dmesg``)
and after boot, its contents are written to /var/run/dmesg.boot

man syslog.conf
man dmesg

PS: when adding new log file, make sure to configure its rotation using

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> Dear readers,
> This question is probably answer somewhere
> but i m afraid to follow any non openBSD style answer.
> How do it get DMESG messages in my log ( like when a usb is attached )
> syslog *.*  does not contain them right ?
> Best,
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