Hello Duncan,

On 05/05/18 03:23, Duncan Patton a Campbell wrote:
> I am looking for documentation on running php-cgi-5.6 under the bsd httpd 
> server.
> From what I can tell, the function of php-fastcgi has been subsumed to 
> php-cgi-5.6, 
> but further than that I can find little or no salient documentation.  Any 
> pointers
> would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dhu
This is exactly the reason why php-fastcgi was renamed to php-cgi. The
old php-fastcgi contained what normally is normally called the php-cgi
binary, which also contains *some* fastcgi functionality, but is *not*
the recommended way to run php in fastcgi mode.

The recommended way to run php in fastcgi mode is php-fpm, which is
included in in the php main package. You can start this daemon by
running `rcctl start php${PHP_VERSION}_fpm`. This will make php-fpm
listen on its socket which can be set via the listen statement in
/etc/php-fpm.conf (by default it's /var/www/run/php-fpm.sock).

Once you have php-fpm up and running you can connect to it through httpd
through the "fastcgi socket /run/php-fpm.sock" command in the
appropriate "location" block from. See httpd.conf(5) for more

Hope this helps.


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