Maybe this time mail will be encoded properly.

>Chrome and Safari both derive from Apple WebKit which itself is a fork
>of the KHTML rendering engine developed by the KDE project, and has
>*always* been, LGPL licensed code since its first release in 1998.
>Yet today, Firefox is held up as the open-source darling and
>Chrome/Safari is seen as the proprietary devil.
>Go figure. :-)

But still Chrome has a purpose to push away people
from desktop programs to WebApps, because of all the advertisement,
marketing and tracking possibilities WebApps give to the companies, especially Google.
WebApps also means data is not stored locally, but remotely.

Not to mention Chrome sends your history to Google
servers when you log in into Google Account(Gmail, Youtube).

I know some people can write open-source WebApps
and host them on their private servers or at least
paid VPSes, but how many? Not to mention these
WebApps will probably not cover every use-case
and they are going to use some company WebApp

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