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> Could anyone help me out with what I'm looking at?
> This comes from an snmp mib:
> hw.sensors.it0.volt0=1.34 VDC (VCORE_A)
> hw.sensors.it0.volt1=1.92 VDC (VCORE_B)
> What is vcore_a and what is vcore_b?

Sensor chips are wired up and measure whatever the hell their designers and
users decide.  The it(4) driver is written to expect the voltage sensors on
the chip to measure various inputs, the first two of which are both, to
quote the it(4) manpage, "Core voltage".  What that *really* means is
probably dependent on the motherboard, etc.  So, we do the best we can and
include a label to tell them apart (A vs B) but if you need more details
you'll need to consult the Surely Very Fine and Clear documentation of your

Philip Guenther

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