On 2019-04-26, Igor Podlesny <open...@poige.ru> wrote:
> Or would kernel's recompiling be needed anyways?
> Moreover, I'm actually interested in intersection of watchdogs
> provided by KVM and
> supported by OpenBSD (as KVM's guest). At least as to KVM's it's gonna
> be a short list:
> 1) i6300esb (PCI)
> 2) ib700 (ISA)
> Attempt with 1st item shows its driver isn't compiled. Moreover, I've
> found this in mail list archives:
> revision 1.411
> date: 2005/05/02 17:26:00;  author: grange;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -1;
> Add ichwdt(4): Intel 6300ESB ICH watchdog timer driver. Disabled for
> now due to lack of testing. If you have a machine that uses this
> device please contact me.
> Is there no solution of this task in OpenBSD 6.x?

Recompiling would be needed.

If you want to try it, see faq 5 about fetching the source tree,
add "ichwdt* at pci?" to /sys/arch/amd64/conf/GENERIC. then see faq 5
about building a kernel.

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