Hello list,

Ever since the new inteldrm driver got merged into -current, shortly
before the 6.5 release, I'm seeing an odd new behavior on my Thinkpad
T430 -- when an external display is connected, Xorg blanks all screens
(but the mouse can still be seen) until I switch to a TTY and back with
(i.e. C-A-F4 then C-A-F5) after which point it goes back to normal.

I'm glad the new inteldrm driver got merged, since it fixes several
other video issues I was having. This problem is very minor since the
workaround is just a few extra keystrokes when I dock or undock, but it
is nevertheless annoying.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue on third gen core-I series Intel
chips with integrated graphics? Or on any other chips for that matter?

I checked Xorg.0.log and didn't see anything suspicious. I also tried
disabling monitor hotplugging via Xorg.conf, but I either did it wrong
or it had no effect.

I would attach xorg logs and dmesg, but AFAIK misc@ does not allow
attachments, and I don't want to annoy people with that much inline


~ Charles

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