On Sun, 28 Apr 2019 22:35:36 +0200, "Stephane HUC \"PengouinBSD\"" wrote:

> After upgrading OpenBSD from 6.4 to 6.5, I've problem to use minidlna.
> It fill the /var/log/minidlna/minidlna.log with severals errors
> messages, as:
> [2019/04/25 15:26:29] monitor_kqueue.c:226: error:
> open(/home/z2/Music/xyz) [Too many open files]
> (...)
> [2019/04/25 20:15:05] minidlna.c:165: error: accept(http): Too many
> open files

It seems that minidlna now tries to keep every directory open to
tell when there is a modification.  My suggestion is to disable
inotify in /etc/minidlna.conf.  E.g.

# set this to no to disable kqueue monitoring to automatically discover new 
# note: the default is yes

That fixed the problem for me.

 - todd

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