I'm still learning IPv6 intricacies, so forgive me if this is a silly question.

When I have interfaces set in the standard manner, e.g.:

inet6 2001:DB8:beef::1 128

NSD and Unbound will bind to that address without problem.

However if I add the anycast flag:
inet6 2001:DB8:beef::1 128 anycast

and then destroy and re-create the interfaces and  pkill and relaunch unbound 
and NSD, they both complain bitterly:

[2019-05-11 21:00:51.665] nsd[43360]: notice: nsd starting (NSD 4.1.27)
[2019-05-11 21:00:51.666] nsd[43360]: error: can't bind udp socket: Can't 
assign requested address
[2019-05-11 21:00:51.666] nsd[43360]: error: server initialization failed, nsd 
could not be started
[1557604863] unbound[69433:0] error: can't bind socket: Can't assign requested 
address for 2001:DB8:beef::1 port 53[1557604863] unbound[69433:0] fatal error: 
could not open ports

The interface shows correctly in ifconfig so I don't know what the problem is ?

This is on OpenBSD 6.5 if it makes any difference.

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