I'm going to build a router for use in a remote location, and I have
chosen OpenBSD 6.5 for the task. Unfortunately, it's not possible to
protect the router with an UPS, so it will have to be resilient enough
to survive sudden power outages and still boot without manual

In the past I have built a few Linux based routers and they were
configured to run from RAM. I have made some research to see if this is
also possible on OpenBSD and found that, while there are solutions to
have / read-only, none of this is officially supported.

Can anyone with experience running OpenBSD routers without UPS, tell if
filesystem corruption is going to be a problem after power outages, or
if there are any officially supported ways to make the system resilient
enough to not break after a power outage?

I'm using an mSATA disk with MLC flash in the router.

Thanks in advance.

Mogens Jensen

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