I’m trying to choose a simply and permissively licensed operating system to use 
for a class group project but due to the project timelines don’t have time to 
try out every BSD-licensed OS out there and am trying to narrow down 
possibilities.  As far as I can tell OpenBSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD seem 
comparable in terms of capabilities but Project leadership/governance is also 
an important consideration for me on principle.  My question is, how is the 
OpenBSD Project governance structured; is the OpenBSD Core Team 
“democratically” elected as in the FreeBSD Project, or is OpenBSD Core 
personally appointed only by the currently serving, existing members of the 
OpenBSD Core Team as in the NetBSD Project?  (I mean this question sincerely 
and was not able to find the answer in any of the online OpenBSD documentation.)

Thanks so much in advance!

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