> To everyone who took the time to respond, your responses were outstanding; if 
> only a short and sweet additional page could be added to the main OpenBSD 
> Project WWW site (e.g., under ???Project Team??? or ???Developers") that just 
> succinctly summarizes exactly what you all said.  For ???smaller??? projects 
> without formal governance I guess it all comes down to the people; I can see 
> how if you have a dedicated core of really good, passionate developers formal 
> by-laws and committees are superfluous, but then the question is how would 
> that be sustainable over the long term other than just by manually and 
> personally attracting and retaining the best on an ad hoc basis without a 
> codified, structured process.  But it seems to be clearly working here.
> Downloaded the macppc port of OpenBSD 6.5 to install on a couple IBM PowerPC 
> 970/970MP-based Apple Power Mac G5 machines for a class project (I just need 
> some decent, reliable, no-frills servers, but I wanted to try using something 
> other than AMD64/x86-64-based machines for a change) with very low 
> expectations (after trying to install the macppc port of a peer Noteworthy 
> Excellent Tried-and-true BSD distribution which crashed immediately upon 
> running ofwboot off the install ISO), but the installer Just Worked!  I 
> don???t understand how this project is able to maintain a working legacy 
> macppc port with so few developers.

quality over quantity :)

> All the best,
> Austin
> ???If you want to change the future, start living as if you???re already 
> there.???  ???Lynn Conway

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