Dear list,

I have been using the "openup" service to keep my amd64 machine updated
to the latest stable, i.e. 6.5, available at

Recently I get:

odin# ./openup                                                                 
===> Checking for openup update
===> Installing/updating syspatches
Get/Verify syspatch65-011_expat.tgz 100% |**************|   588 KB    00:00    
Installing patch 011_expat
Errata can be reviewed under /var/syspatch
===> Updating package(s) ftp: Error retrieving file: 401 
Unauthorized empty

If anybody here understands what is happening to me, I'd be grateful to know.
The site claims the support for the most recent release is free. Yet, ...

I tried to contact their support twice, but got no reply.

Thank you for any comments!

PS.: Does using openup convey any advantage over running "syspatch" and
"pkg_add -u" on amd64?

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