I'm using unwind for a time and it is running perfect for me.

Now with the upcoming new plugin api of chrome with limited support for uBlock I'm looking for an alternative.

Unfortunately I'm not able to specify a valid block list in unwind.conf. I've added

    block list /etc/unwind.blocklist

My blocklist file contains (for testing purpose)


But there seems to be a syntax error I can't solve. In the log I have the following entries:

    Nov 14 00:09:29 vatrox unwind[52933]: /etc/unwind.conf:4: syntax error
    Nov 14 00:09:29 vatrox unwind[52933]: configuration reload failed

So, what is wrong here?

And a follow-up question: is it possible to load a huge blocklist (with, say 200.000) entries to replace the blocking within chrome?

Kind regards


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