On 2019-11-30, Raymond, David <david.raym...@nmt.edu> wrote:
> I am switching to OpenBSD from Linux and I have questions about the
> use of softdep and noatime in mounting disks.  I have a variety of
> systems with a mix of SSDs and rotating disks.
> Softdep seems to have some advantages in speeding file access, but it
> is not the default.  Are there any downsides in using softdep?

Yes, that's why it's not on by default. Uses more memory, delays freeing
space when removing files, tends to cause a kernel panic if the drive
goes unresponsive (which the drive might have otherwise recovered from
after a delay). It's not that much of an improvement with SSDs anyway,
it's most useful with drives that are slow at random writes (higher
seek times).

> On SSDs in particular, is it worth setting noatime to reduce the
> number of disk writes?

In general, not really unless your drives are slow, or you often do
reads across a large set of files and don't have anything that cares
about access times on those files.

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